Volvo 164. While other parts of the world were in a state of upheaval in 1968, revolution was far from people´s minds at Volvo in Gothenburg, Sweden. Instead, they were focusing on the launch of the new prestige model, the 164.

Volvo 164

The notion of designing a slightly larger, more exclusive model had existed for a long time. In the late 1950s, a big luxurious Volvo with a V8 engine and a powerful, vertical grille was planned. However, this project died a death in 1960 when a survey indicated that compact cars were the future, especially in the US.

But the launch of the 140 series in 1966 gave rise to the idea of placing a straight-six engine in the 140 body. That would allow Volvo to create the combination of prestige and compact size they were absolutely certain people needed.