RedRock High-Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust. ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) newest video is a review & installation of the high-clearance, cat-back exhaust from RedRock 4×4. The step-by-step tutorial shows 2018+ 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JL owners how to upgrade the sound and performance of their stock exhaust. The video is now included as part of XT’s in-depth exhaust tech guide.

RedRock High-Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust

Hosted by XT’s Meredith Evasew, the video begins with sound clips from both inside and outside the vehicle. With a 4/5 on the loudness meter, the RedRock exhaust will increase the volume and deepen the tone, while still being bearable inside the cab area. Meredith recommends this high-clearance system to “to anybody who’s doing a lot of rock crawling, and, again, wants to minimize any damage to their exhaust and wants to keep everything up and out of the way.” She explains that the 409 stainless construction makes this an affordable option over a higher quality 304 stainless. Even so, it will outperform the factory exhaust and provide years of use with proper care.

The installation takes an average of 2 hours to complete. Meredith outlines the tools needed before taking the viewer through the entire process. After removing the factory exhaust, she stops for a side-by-side comparison to the RedRock cat-back exhaust, summarizing the key benefits of the upgrade. Meredith continues with the full installation of the new exhaust wrapping up with a clear visual of the newly installed hi-tuck system from all angles.

The RedRock cat-back review and install video is a welcome addition to XT’s exhaust tech guide. The guide addresses the ins-and-outs of exhaust upgrades covering all the basics including high clearance exhaust systems, dual-tip systems, exhaust spacers, and more.

View it here:

RedRock High-Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust


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title : RedRock High-Clearance Cat-Back Exhaust | Review & Install
updated : September 12th, 2020
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