Choose F-150 BedCovers. In this week’s episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) “What’s Up With That?” YouTube series, Justin Dugan tests F-150 bed covers with a knife—WHO TRUSTED THAT GUY WITH SHARP OBJECTS?!?

Choose F-150 BedCoversChoose F-150 BedCovers

Armed with a selection of best-selling truck bed covers, Justin weighs the pros and cons of five different tonneau offerings and styles, providing in-depth analysis, as well as a walk-through of basic operations.

AmericanTrucks’(AT)“What’s Up With That?” YouTube series is a new approach to highlighting different product categories to educate consumers on the subtle or not so subtle differences between product lines. In AT’s most recent episode, host Justin Dugan sharpens his pocketknife to talk all about F-150 bedcovers.

Choose F-150 BedCovers

The bedcover, or tonneau as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most popular truck accessories purchased on AT with an almost endless selection of brands and styles. Laying out five of the most popular styles of bedcovers (snap cover, tri-fold, roller, retrac