2020 Mustang GT500 weight. In this special edition of AmericanMuscle’s (AM) Mustang News, Justin Dugan eagerly reports on the highly-anticipated release of critical specifications for the Ford’s new Shelby 2020 GT500. In this Mustang News, Justin dives deep into FOMOCO’s eSourceBook to expound upon this supercharged Mustang, with specifications such as oil capacity and spring rates.

Additionally, Justin hits on the Shelby GT350 covering some of its updates focused around suspension, engine, and steering improvements for 2020. Finally, Justin presents the news on Steve McQueen’s original survivor Bullitt car which is headed to auction in a few months. What do you think this historic piece of Mustang history will hammer for?

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“Even though the new 2020 Shelby is a tad on the heavy side, it packs more than
enough power to propel its 4200lb. self to blistering speeds. In fact, the car is capable of going  0 – 100 – 0 MPH in 10.6 seconds which puts it in some pretty rarified air beating out supercars that cost double or triple the price.”
Justin Dugan

2020 Mustang GT500 weight

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title : 2020 Mustang GT500 Weight Revealed, Critical Specs + Original Bullitt!
updated : August 20th, 2019
updated_iso8601 : 2019-08-20T18:06:25-04:00
author : Ale Marino